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Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors Tampa, FL

How To Prepare For Hurricane Season


Hurricanes are stressful, plain and simple. Compulsively watching weather updates and apprehensively anticipating Mother Nature’s next move is debilitating! It is best to be prepared for the storm ahead of time, to save you the stress of shopping for supplies that are rapidly selling out.

Be prepared this hurricane season with:

  • Hurricane Impact Windows– Call DuraSash Windows for Durable StormFORCE Florida Windows and Doors that will keep your family safe from all outdoor threats!
  • Water– Buy a few cases at the beginning of the season and stash it away in a spare room.┬á
  • Flashlights
  • Batteries
  • Canned Foods– Here’s a great emergency food list.
    • Don’t forget a manual can opener!
  • Bread– If you have the room, store a few loaves of bread in the freezer.
  • Formula & Diapers– When a hurricane threat is announced, formula and diapers fly off the shelves; it is best to play it safe and stock up during the hurricane season months.
  • Pet Supplies
  • Generator– Although this may be considered a luxury item, generators can be a real lifesaver!
  • Gasoline– Tips on safely storing gasoline can be found here.
  • Plywood┬á(If you do not have impact windows or shutters)
  • Basic Tool Kit
  • First Aid Kit
  • Paper Goods– Paper plates, bowls, towels, toilet paper, wet wipes..etc.

For additional information on hurricane impact windows, please visit our web page or give us a call, (813)412-2016.

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